Sisters and Brothers

We are having a DAY OF CARING Saturday February 3rd at our union hall 8am until 1pm. Purpose is to clean, organize and throw away unused, unneeded item’s at our hall. As many of you know we are preparing to do much needed major construction to our deteriorating union hall. So please come out and support our efforts in this first phrase in rebuilding our hall. 

 In Solidarity

TRACY, ZOKIE, TRAVIS your local31 trustees 


Article 40 Section 12: The Trustees shall have general supervision over ALL funds and PROPERTY of the local union.

Our union hall needs a lot of work. It’s old and can no longer be patched up. Therefore, we have a building committee to collect bids to restore our building to last for many years to come. We will be starting with the roof. The building committee consists of Tracy L. Smith, Zokie Simien- Jackson, Travis Lutman, Clarence (C.B.) Brown, James Walton, Tim Hill, and Retiree Bill Folsom.

As the process moves forward we will continue to give updates.

In Solidarity,

Tracy L. Smith, Trustee
Zokie Simien-Jackson, Trustee
Travis Lutman, Trustee


There are three Trustees. They have charge of supervising Local funds and property. They arrange for semi-annual audits of Local Union money, equipment and materials, and they take care of the general upkeep of the Local Union Hall.

Zokie Simien-Jackson
Tracy L. Smith
Travis Lutman